VMs Elect Four Board Members from a Pool of Seven Applicants

Those elected include two incumbents, one returning board member and one new to the role.

Directors whose seats were up for re-election include Shawn Yesner, Joaquin Arrillaga, Keith Heinemann and Jim Brinker. Yesner, Heinemann and Brinker all chose to run again; Arrillaga declined.

In addition to the three running for re-election, three additional candidates submitted applications prior to the meeting: David Augello, Larry Golden and Jack Maurer.

Nominating Committee Chair Eric Holt called the meeting to order and began by reminding Voting Members that Shawn Yesner was unable to attend due to a medical situation with a family member. Yesner sent out communication prior to the meeting letting voting members know the situation and that, while he needed to put family first at this time, he was still very interested in retaining his seat. Holt reiterated this message.

Holt then called for nominations from the floor. Heather Greeley-Hessefort, Voting Member for Keswick Forest, nominated Michele DelSordo. DelSordo formerly served on the WCA Board but had to resign her seat in March when she sold her townhome in West Park Village. DelSordo recently purchased a home in Glenfield and was therefore eligible to run for election.

The six candidates present then each had three minutes to make their opening statement. Following the presentations, candidates were asked to leave the room while the nominating committee prepared questions. Every voting member and member of the audience had the opportunity to submit a question prior to the start of the meeting. From the submitted questions, three were selected and each candidate would be asked the same three questions.

Candidates returned one at a time and were given one minute to answer each question. Following the Q&A, all candidates returned to the room and were given one minute each for a closing statement. Voting members then cast their votes. When the votes were tallied, the following candidates were elected: Jim Brinker of Classic Townhomes of West Park Village, Shawn Yesner of Kingsford, Michele DelSordo of Glenfield and Jack Maurer of Chelmsford. They join sitting WCA Directors Eric Holt of Radcliffe, Dale Sells of Harbor Links/ The Estates and Blakley Echeverry of The Vineyards.

Jack Maurer, Shawn Yesner, Jim Brinker, Michele DelSordo

On Sept. 15, WCA Directors met for a brief organizational meeting where they unanimously reappointed Yesner WCA President, Sells Treasurer and Holt chair of the Government Affairs Committee (GAC). In addition, they unanimously appointed Echeverry Secretary, DelSordo WCA Vice President and named Brinker WOW Member.

By Karen Ring
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