WCA Board Approves 2023 Budget at September Meeting

Prior to calling the September WCA Board Meeting to order, President Shawn Yesner opened the floor to the monthly resident forum, which allows residents the opportunity to address the board on an informal basis without being on the agenda.

The first resident to speak asked why a padlock had been put on the pickleball courts and whether the pool would be sufficiently staffed to keep it open earlier in the day. Board member Eric Holt said the purpose of the lock was to encourage pickleball players to register before making use of the courts. Regarding the pool, Yesner said they are in the process of hiring new lifeguards, and that the WCA is committed to getting the pools open and keeping them open.

Next, a resident addressed the board about having received a first violation notice for having a damaged driveway. The resident said the county owns a large tree on the easement, and that the tree roots damaged both his driveway and the nearby sidewalk.

Charlotte Adams, assistant community association manager, told the resident that he’s responsible for pulling the permit and having the tree removed. After he does that, she said, the CDD will replace the tree. Yesner added that the strip of land is owned by the county, but maintained by the homeowner, and advised the resident to stay in close contact with the property managers to avoid escalation of the violation.

Yesner called the meeting to order at 7:13 p.m. and began official proceedings by addressing the consent agenda, which included the minutes from the last board meeting and the Movies in the Park contract. Board member Joaquin Arrillaga moved to approve both, and all of the board members in attendance voted in favor of his motion. Blakley Echevarry was absent, and Jim Brinker attended by phone.

There was no old business, so Yesner moved on to new business, beginning with the annual renewal of Pipeline Swimming’s contract to rent the Countryway pool. He said that the contract comes up for renewal on January 1, 2023. Yesner said that they increased the rent by five percent last year.

Holt made a motion to increase Pipeline’s rent by the maximum 10 percent allowed by the contract. Arrillaga seconded the motion.

Pipeline currently pays $945 per month to use the pool, said Yesner, and a 10 percent increase would bring their total rent to $1039.50 per month. Holt pointed out that Pipeline doesn’t pay for chemicals or upkeep on the pool.

“I’m looking at it very much from the business side. The question isn’t what it’s costing us, but what it’s worth,” explained Holt. “Are we giving a sweetheart deal away? If this were on the open market, what would someone pay for a facility like ours? I think the value is much larger than what we’re asking for.”

Yesner went on record saying that Pipeline is doing a great job, then asked board members to vote on Holt’s motion to increase the rent by 10 percent. Board members Holt, Arrillaga, and Brinker voted in favor, while Yesner, Dale Sells, and Keith Heinemann voted against it.

Sells then moved to increase the rent to an even $1000 per month, which would be a 5.8 percent increase. The board members voted, and the motion stalled, 3-3. Arrillaga moved to split the difference, and raise the monthly rent to $1025. All board members present voted in favor of the motion, and Yesner said that it amounted to an 8.5 percent increase.

Next, Yesner introduced Todd Maddex, Westchase resident and president of Tampa Bay Tech Solutions, who had provided a quote to oversee the WCA’s technology solutions.

“Why do we want to talk about making changes to the IT? Our security doesn’t appear to be where it should be,” said Holt. “We’ve got some equipment that isn’t really working as intended or working at all. We’re all using personal emails, which we shouldn’t be doing. We’ve got the ability to be far more efficient.”

Holt expressed frustration with the fact that the WCA doesn’t have a direct relationship with Concertium, the company that currently oversees the WCA’s IT through Greenacre Properties, Inc. He said they could get improved security and a direct service relationship for less than half of what they’re currently paying. Holt made a motion to move forward with the proposal provided by Tampa Bay Tech Solutions, and it passed, 4-2.

Sells made a motion to approve the 2023 budget that was presented at the most recent budget workshop, which includes a $321 annual assessment. All board members voted in favor of approval. At this point, Brinker left the meeting.

Yesner asked Sells to present the treasurer’s report. Sells said through the end of August, expenses exceed budgeted revenue by about $13,000, which is attributable to an increase in legal fees. Sells then moved to write off delinquent resident debts of $10 or less, and the motion passed unanimously.

Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz took the floor to provide her Manager’s Report. She updated board members on the progress of window replacement at the West Park Village pool and reported that she was waiting on quotes to repair damage to the activity room walls.

Yesner then asked Facilities Manager Dwight Kilgore to provide his report. Kilgore said he’s focused on recruiting and training staff members, and has clarified the lightning policy to achieve consistency. He’s also working to secure the Countryway site to ensure chemicals are safely stored and that the engine room is locked down appropriately.

Sells said that Kilgore had asked about reviewing one of the lifeguard policies, but said that he would prefer that Kilgore review all of the policies and present any and all proposed changes at once. Kilgore agreed to do so.

The WCA received three bids to replace the metal roofs on four buildings at the West Park Village pool, according to Yesner. Sells made a motion to accept the bid from Done Rite Roofing Inc. He acknowledged that there was one slightly lower bid, but Done Rite offered a 10-year labor guarantee, while the other company offered only a 3-year guarantee. A discussion ensued about the price per replacement sheets of plywood, so Sells amended his initial motion to add that they would accept the quote from Done Rite with a price per sheet of no more than $30 each, including installation. The motion passed unanimously.

The WCA’s new website includes a feature where residents can sign up for text or email notifications. Holt moved to form a committee made up of Voting Members and other interested parties to address the notifications process, and all board members voted in favor of it.

Yesner stated that the VMs would be voting to fill four of the seven WCA board positions on Tuesday, September 13. He formally thanked Arrillaga for his years of service with the board.

Yesner adjourned the meeting at 9 p.m.

By Lynn Gonzalez
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