WCA Board Approves Estate Sale; Prepares Master Plans for Improvements

Residents attended the January Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board of Directors meeting via Zoom to request use of the facilities and inquire about holding estate sales in Westchase.

Local Realtor Nancy Wood told the board that her listing on Stockbridge Drive was under contract and that the trustees of the estate would like to have an estate sale on Jan. 22 and 23. Director Eric Holt said that while estate sales had never been approved in the past, he thought it was time for the association to consider approving them. Holt had, with help, put estate sale guidelines together. “My opinion is as long as the guidelines can be met, we should approve the estate sale.” All voted in favor of his motion.

Westchase PTA member Stephanie Montini told that board that, because of Covid restrictions, the school was not going to be able to hold its annual fundraiser, Wizard Fest, which typically raises $12,000–13,000 for the school’s teachers. “We are trying to come up with creative ideas to raise money to replace those funds. We would like to do a food truck, dinner and dessert pick-up-and-go-event and need a parking lot space to host the two food trucks once a week for the month of February.” She asked the board if the PTA could use the parking lot at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center on Countryway Boulevard but directors thought that might interfere with swim and tennis team traffic. Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz suggested using the parking lot of the WCA offices in West Park Village (WPV) but said that the association should require a copy of the insurance, license and most recent health inspection from each truck. Director Joaquin Arrillaga made a motion to allow the food truck event at the parking facility in WPV with the caveat that if there were any big issues with traffic in the neighborhood, Sainz had the authority to make changes as needed. Holt expressed concerns about liability and Arrillaga accepted an amendment to the motion to get at least a phone call blessing from the association’s attorney. All voted in favor.

Directors denied a request from a Westchase Women’s USTA Team to reserve five courts for tournament matches. Arrillaga said, “I don’t have an issue if a fifth court is open to let them use it, but we should be consistent across the board with allowing teams to reserve four courts. I know that if the fifth court is not reserved, Kelly [Shires, Facilities Manager] will be accommodating.”

Pipeline, the company that runs the Association’s swim team program, pays $1,050 in rent each month to use the Swim and Tennis Center pool. Their contract allows directors to approve an increase of up to 10 percent each year. Pipeline’s Coach Patrick told the board, “This year has been a challenge. We are trying to recoup what we lost April to August when we were not able to charge because we were not able to swim.” He said participation was down by 30 percent.

In response to Director Arrillaga’s motion to raise the rent by 10 percent, Director Jim Brinker said, “It sounds like we have a great organization and don’t want to lose them. I think at this time because we have the funds we need, we should support Coach Patrick and be conservative with the increase.” The motion failed 3-4 with Directors Dale Sells, Heather Greeley-Hessefort, Shawn Yesner and Brinker opposed. Sells motion to increase the rent by $50 a month passed 4-3 with Holt, Arrillaga and Keith Heinemann voting against.

WCA Treasurer Sells reported that the association was going to end the year with $124,000 in excess funds and that they had received fines on some dormant bank accounts. His motion to consolidate the nearly $1 million in dormant funds into one bank account with Bank OZK, which would not charge any fees, passed 6-1 with Heinemann voting against. Holt suggested that the association look into doing some financial management to make money from the account.

Arrillaga reported that the Master Plan Committee he chaired had received a lot of good suggestions from the community. “They are looking for better amenities, want the pools to be comfortable and welcoming. Some suggested music and food trucks, social activities and there were lots of requests for activities for youth, ping pong tables, pool tables, a gathering room and hiring an events coordinator. Our residents want to be engaged.” He suggested that the committee continue with its work and develop one-, three- and five-year plans. All voted in favor of Holt’s motion to keep the committee in place to prioritize and recommend projects.

Directors waived 90 percent of homeowners’ fines for violations that had been corrected and tabled another for 60 days to give the residents time to find a solution to remedy the violation.

After directors found out that a company was selling the Westchase logo on Amazon, they had legal counsel issue a cease and desist letter. Sainz recommended the association begin charging a fee of $100 per year for any company, such as those that install mailboxes in Westchase, to use the logo. Holt said he thought it was a bad idea because the companies would pass the cost along to residents. Sells made a motion to establish a trademark license agreement with anyone who wants to use the trademarked W, for a one-time fee of $100, but no annual charge. Holt said, “I don’t think it is a good idea to charge people money when we’ve engaged them and we might not be able to get the W from them.” The motion passed 4-3 with Heinemann, Brinker and Holt opposed.

Directors awarded several residents with the Nathan Lafer Good Neighbor Award and another with a Westchase Medallion. The winners will be announced in the March issue of WOW.

The next WCA meeting is Feb. 11 at 7 p.m.

By Marcy Sanford

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