WCA Manager Offers Two Draft Budgets for Aug. 17 Budget Workshop

In anticipation of the Westchase Community Association’s (WCA) annual budget workshop on Tuesday, Aug. 17 at 6 p.m., Association Manager Debbie Sainz has released two different drafts for Westchase VMs and Board members to review and discuss.

The annual budget workshop, to which homeowners are invited, sees the review of all projected income and expenditure lines. The WCA’s budget covers deed restriction enforcement as well as maintenance of and programs at the association’s swim and tennis facilities.

The major change between the two budgets appears to be how the association will address a proposed increase of lifeguard salaries to $15 per hour, which expands the Swim and Tennis Center Payroll line by nearly $58,000, a 15.3 percent increase.

One budget pitched an assessment of $302, an increase of $16 over last year. That budget would keep pool and tennis hours as they currently are. The second budget, featuring reduced pool hours in West Park Village, lowers assessments by $1 to $285.

To view Budget Option 1 click here. To view Budget Option 2, click here.

Both budgets project an increase base salary for lifeguards of $15. The main difference is that the budget that cuts assessments by $1 does so by significantly cutting operating hours at the West Park Village pool. The pool there would be entirely closed during January, February and December and would only be open during the rest of the school year on weekdays from 4-9 p.m. That budget essentially rolls back recent years’ efforts to put the West Park Village pool’s operating hours on par with the pool off Countryway Boulevard.

Among other changes, the proposed budgets have estimated deed restriction fines will increase by $12,000 while bank interest was budgeted for $11,800 less.

Among expenditures, Reserves, which covers the maintenance and replacement of large, expensive items, would see a $22,000 increase. Due to anticipated mailings for document amendments, postage was increased $10,300 and management fees, associated with the WCA’s contract with Greenacre Properties, were increased $6,300.

Web/IT Fees were increased $3,400 and general Legal Costs were increased $5,080, likely associated with anticipated costs of reviewing document amendments. General legal costs, however, have increased $17,800 or 43 percent since 2020.

Among expenditure decreases were Pool Supplies (-$16,400), Property Insurance (-$3,900
The Masters Swim Program (-$6,400 due to its elimination) and Summer Camp (-$4,300).
The draft budget also shows the elimination of most income and expenditures associated with the tennis programs due to its outsourcing. In their place is a new line for tennis court rental fees of $11,800 from AB Tennis.

The annual budget workshop often produces changes to Sainz’s draft budget. The draft that emerges will likely be reviewed, with additional possible changes made by the WCA Board, at the Sept. 9 WCA Board meeting.
Homeowners are invited to attend and participate in the budget workshop every year. The Aug. 17 session will be held via Zoom. Homeowners can acquire the Zoom login information from Sainz at

By Chris Barrett, Publisher

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