Westchase CDD Seat 2 Candidates

This election season, there are two Westchase residents on the ballot for Seat 2 on the Westchase Community Development District.

We asked them each to submit a statement, up to 250 words. Their candidate statements and photos appear in alphabetical order below. When voting, note that the Westchase CDD race can be found at the very bottom right of your ballot’s first page.

CDD Candidate Statement: Chris Barrett

I thank WOW for this opportunity.

My wife and I built our Bridges home in 1997 and we’ve raised three daughters in Westchase. In my 21 years with WOW, I covered hundreds of community meetings and know the history and operations of the Westchase CDD.

I hope to continue my service to Westchase by working on behalf of my neighbors on the CDD Board. If elected, my goals are:

    • Reopen negotiations with the Westchase Golf Course to purchase the golf course (keeping it a golf course) or place it under the previously negotiated conservation easement to protect that land from any future development.
    • Work with golf course to explore options to improve cell service for Westchase villages off Countryway.
    • Improve and explore beautiful alternative approaches to the intersection flower beds, which have dramatically shrunk over the years.
    • Work with the county and WCA to develop consistent policies that permit sidewalk repairs and sod alternatives to help the community preserve its beautiful street tree canopy.
    • Repair/enhance the Baybridge Park walking trail.
    • Work, along with the WCA’s GAC, to encourage Hillsborough County to fund old plans for a passive park with fields and trails south of the Citrus Park Drive extension to enhance local field space and riding/walking/jogging opportunities, which could tie into Westchase.
    • Work with CDD staff to improve Westchase pond maintenance, address current landscaping shortcomings and open the WPV green on Montague Street to more community events.

I would be grateful for your vote. Thank you!


CDD Candidate Statement: Basil A. Piazza

I feel that based on my desire to serve the community, experience and education I can be a valuable asset as a Westchase Community Development District (CDD) Supervisor.

My background includes extensive experience serving in the military and as a civilian analyst and advisor to management and senior leaders for various organizations. I served as an Army Engineer at all organizational levels including with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers overseeing a variety of service, maintenance and construction projects. I also served for several years in the CENTCOM Engineer Division. My educational background includes a BA in Political Science, a Master of Arts in Defense Management, Master of Arts in National Security Studies and Graduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership.

I am currently working as a Licensed Home Inspector performing home inspections, as well as four-point and wind mitigation verification inspections with the associated reports. Previously I served as a facility operations specialist managing facility and grounds maintenance at area Army Reserve facilities. I have experience working with various boards and working groups in establishing plans and policies. I have experience overseeing both service and maintenance contracts with a variety of local vendors. I am also a 17-year resident of Westchase where my two sons graduated high school and where my wife works full-time at the high school. It is for these reasons that I have a vested interest in the viability of the Westchase community, common areas and parks.

Basil A. Piazza, LtCol, U.S. Army (Retired)

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