September 2018

Reclaimed Outage Affects Westchase Countryway Boulevard Villages

Due to a break in the main reclaimed water line serving Westchase’s subdivisions off Countryway Boulevard, residents may find their sprinkler systems are not working. Doug Mays, the Field Manager for the Westchase Community Development District (CDD), reported that the reclaimed water main has experienced a break in the vicinity of Glenfield. To repair the main, the system serving the area needed to be shut down early on Sept. 19. Read on to determine which villages are affected.

Westchase School Town Hall to Discuss Referendum

On Oct. 3, residents will have an opportunity to meet and speak with Hillsborough School Superintendent Jeff Eakins and School Board Member Lynn Gray.

WCA Board Selects Officers for Coming Year

Following Sept. 11 board elections, the new Westchase Community Association (WCA) board of directors met on Sept. 13 to choose its officers.

Emotions Ran High at the WCA Board Elections

Residents stood for the duration of the WCA board elections as the room temperature rose to uncomfortable levels while the air conditioner struggled to keep pace with the demands of the crowded space.

WCA Board Hires New Swim Team Company; Declines Consideration of Charity Tennis Tournament

At their Sept. 6 board meeting, WCA Directors decided to temporarily hire a new company to oversee the Westchase swim team and declined to approve a charity tennis tournament.

Cheers! Local Craft Breweries Take Tampa By Storm

Ten years ago, the term “craft beer” was an uncommon phrase. Today that’s all changed.

September’s Irish 31 Thankful for Your Neighbor Award Winner: The Dil Family

The number of nominations for our Thankful for Your Neighbor Award made selecting a winner mighty difficult! The winners, the Dil Family of Castleford, illustrate that small, generous actions are the keys to building community.

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