April 2017

Spate of Car Burglaries and Thefts Strikes Westchase

Last week The Bridges was hit. This week, on April 17, thieves struck again in Keswick Forest and Bennington. This time more than electronics were taken...

VMs Hear County Construction Updates; Address Swim Team Expansion

The April 4 meeting of the Westchase Voting Members (VMs) saw a visit from Hillsborough County staff and VMs expressing concerns about the expansion of the swim team.

Westchase Swim Team Expansion Plans Withdrawn

After a month of opposition from Westchase lane swimmers and West Park Village residents, the Westchase Community Association’s (WCA) announced on April 6 that the recently approved expansion of the TBAY Westchase swim team to West Park Village’s pool has been withdrawn by the swimming coach.

CDD Extends Landscaper’s Contract Another Year; Approves New Greens Gatehouse Entry System

After postponing the decision in March due to their dissatisfaction with the new landscaping project at Westchase’s east entrance, Westchase CDD supervisors voted on April 4 to extend their landscaper’s contract an additional year. Supervisors also voted to approve a new software entry system to handle visitors to The Greens gatehouse.

Linebaugh Traffic Danger Postpones Reclaimed Waterline Work

Residents who were shocked by the recent and sudden lane changes on Linebaugh Avenue were not alone in thinking they could cause significant accidents. It took one trip through the new construction zone to convince Jim Duncan of Hillsborough County Public Utilities that the abrupt lane shifts put both drivers and folks working on the road in danger.

Westchase Embraces Transformational Self-Sufficiency Energy Program

With the park renovations complete, the newest Westchase community project is being touted as an effort to transform Westchase into a Lean Green Machine.

What Are Your Kids’ Favorite Summer Camps?

What makes a summer camp special enough to be a kid’s favorite? Making new friends or hanging out with the old, learning a new sport or hobby, exploring the outdoors and getting to hang out with animals are some reasons.

Summer Camp Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Do you have your summer camp plans in place for your difficult to place tweens and teens? Don’t start to panic, but there are only eight weeks left of school.

Davidsen Parents Gather to Address School Image and Challenges

If you believe some social media posts and community gossip, Davidsen Middle School has a problem with school fights. A March 7 special meeting between over 60 Davidsen parents and Principal Brent McBrien and Area 2 Superintendent Marcus Murillo tackled this notion – and others – with McBrien encouraging parents to challenge such incorrect community perceptions of the school.

Westchase Spring Garage Sale Is May 6

Throw open your garages and let the spring cleaning begin! The Westchase Spring Garage Sale is Saturday, May 6. The sale is one of two such events held annually on the first Saturdays of May and October. (The Westchase Fall Garage Sale is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017; please mark your calendars.)

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