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VMs Elect Three Board Members from Pool of Nine Applicants

By WOW Editor | September 13, 2023

Winning the three seats were Terry Boyd of Glencliff, Eric (Rick) Goldstein of Woodbridge and Michiel Oostenbrink of Brentford. The field of nominees consisted of Directors Blakley Echeverry and Eric Holt, who were running for re-election, in addition to six candidates who submitted applications prior to the meeting: Terry Boyd, Eric Goldstein, Greg James, Terry […]

CDD and WCA Budgets Approved

By WOW Editor | August 16, 2023

Westchase CDD In July, the Westchase CDD issued a letter informing residents that two public hearings would be held on Aug. 8. The letter also included a table outlining a Comparison of Assessment Rates for FY 2024 vs. FY 2023, based on the proposed budget. The first public hearing on Aug. 8 was to receive […]

Board Approves 2024 Budget

By Lynn Gonzalez | August 16, 2023

WCA Board Approves 2024 Budget, Landing on a Final HOA Assessment of $364 President Shawn Yesner gave the floor to Board Member Dale Sells to present the treasurer’s report. Sells said that while actual income and expenses remain close to budgeted amounts, the WCA is at about a $23,000 overall deficit based upon the July […]

Voting Members Hold 2024 Budget Workshop

By Lynn Gonzalez | August 14, 2023

The Aug. 8 VM meeting began with an update from the RFP Committee. Committee Chair John Mogge shared a PowerPoint presentation outlining 16 tasks to be completed, starting with basic organizational processes and ending with a new HOA property management contract in place. The committee meets every two weeks, and Mogge stressed that the meetings […]

WCA Board of Directors Election 2023

By WOW Editor | July 31, 2023

On September 12, 2023, the election of three Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board of Directors will take place. Voting members (VMs) will elect the new directors during their Annual Meeting. Each will serve a two-year term. Current WCA directors whose terms expire this year are Eric Holt, Dale Sells and Blakley Echeverry. The WCA Board […]

Voting Members Debate Community Service Award and INSG Amendments

By WOW Editor | July 14, 2023

WCA President Shawn Yesner began the July VM meeting, which took place via Zoom, with the Nathan Lafer Community Service Award, saying that the board has been debating whether the award has run its course. They received only two nominations this year; one a previous recipient and the other a good neighbor who didn’t necessarily […]

WCA Board Discusses INSGs and Approves Extension of Aqua Fitness Classes

By Lynn Gonzalez | July 14, 2023

After a successful trial run that concludes Aug. 5, aqua fitness classes will continue through Nov 4. President Shawn Yesner began the July WCA Board meeting with the resident forum. Scott Stephens, HOA president of the Traditional Townhomes of WPV, said they had submitted a request to the Modifications Committee seeking to install regular K-style […]

Board Discusses Pool Deck Repairs and Insurance Issues

By Lynn Gonzalez | June 12, 2023

A West Park Village resident took advantage of the resident forum to seek clarification about what, if any, types of businesses may be conducted out of homes, claiming that his neighbor is running a dog boarding business which has negatively impacted his family. Board President Shawn Yesner said the bylaws indicate that any business may […]

WCA Board Appoints RFP Committee

By Lynn Gonzalez | May 15, 2023

President Shawn Yesner called May’s Westchase Community Association board meeting to order. The board voted unanimously to approve the consent agenda, then Yesner gave the floor to Treasurer Dale Sells so he could give his monthly report. After receiving board approval at a previous meeting to do so, Sells said he interviewed ten banks as […]

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