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WCA Board Makes Progress on Facility Improvements

By WOW Editor | February 12, 2024

  The Feb. 8 board meeting began with discussions on the WPV Pool Deck repair. Despite efforts to secure additional bids, no new ones had come in and the board voted 6-1 to approve the bid for 69,875. Director Jack Maurer opposed because there was only one bid. Three bids had come in for the […]

County Officials Discuss Proposed Crosswalk at January WCA Board Meeting

By WOW Editor | January 18, 2024

Dale Sells of Harbor Links took the floor first during audience comments to share a prepared statement regarding the RFP process. Sells stated that he had observed the process as a board member and as a resident and broke down the timeline, which began at the Feb. 2022 board meeting. He added that in the […]

January Voting Members Meeting

By Lynn Gonzalez | January 18, 2024

Despite stormy skies, it was a packed house at the Jan. 9 voting members meeting. WCA Board President Shawn Yesner called the meeting to order and announced that Oldsmar Mayor Dan Saracki, who was slated to speak at the meeting, was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict. First on the agenda were two […]

Proposed Crosswalk Stirs Debate at December WCA Board Meeting

By Lynn Gonzalez | December 21, 2023

The Dec. 14 meeting kicked off with unanimous approval of the consent agenda, Glencliff’s budget, and the renewal of Glencliff’s management contract. Director Jim Brinker was absent. Treasurer Michiel Oostenbrink began his monthly report by discussing the details of an IRS revenue ruling related to how community associations may handle excess income. The WCA does […]

WCA Board Reinstates Swim and Tennis Committee

By Lynn Gonzalez | November 16, 2023

Shires VM Barry Anderson took the floor during the resident forum to express concerns over discussions by the CDD Board to develop a recreational area for the community on the property behind the library. Anderson said he’s attended as many of the CDD meetings and workshops that he could and had heard a number of […]

Board Discusses Countryway Pool Bathroom Renovations

By Lynn Gonzalez | October 19, 2023

President Shawn Yesner called the Oct. 12 WCA Board meeting to order and turned it over to Government Affairs Committee Chair Rick Goldstein, who was seeking approval for three appointments to his committee. His request to appoint Greg James, Lt Col John Frazier and Director Terry Boyd passed unanimously. Treasurer Michiel Oostenbrink thanked former WCA […]

VM Discussions Prompt Look at the Bigger Picture

By WOW Editor | October 12, 2023

WCA President Shawn Yesner began the Oct. 10 meeting with Variance Committee renewals and appointments. He said he would be stepping down from the committee and current alternate Jack Maurer wished to fill that vacancy for a “permanent role” member. Yesner went on to explain that it is the role of the Modifications Committee to […]

Special Voting Member Meeting Update

By WOW Editor | September 28, 2023

On September 26, Voting Members held a special meeting for the purpose of approving amendments to the Westchase Residential Guidelines for fences and to the Individual Neighborhood Section Guidelines (“INSGs”) for Castleford, Stonebridge Villas and Traditional Townhomes at West Park Village. Those Guidelines and INSGs were outlined in the September issue of the WOW, and […]

VMs Elect Three Board Members from Pool of Nine Applicants

By WOW Editor | September 13, 2023

Winning the three seats were Terry Boyd of Glencliff, Eric (Rick) Goldstein of Woodbridge and Michiel Oostenbrink of Brentford. The field of nominees consisted of Directors Blakley Echeverry and Eric Holt, who were running for re-election, in addition to six candidates who submitted applications prior to the meeting: Terry Boyd, Eric Goldstein, Greg James, Terry […]

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