Corrections and Clarification

March 2017

March's cover story about real estate incorrectly identified the second-most expensive Tree Tops home sold in 2016 as the neighborhood's most expensive home. The online article has been changed to correctly reflect Tree Tops' most expensive home sold in 2016. WOW's editor regrets the error.

February 2017

The Costco article in February’s WOW incorrectly referenced a Costco’s grand opening in Columbus, Georgia. The correct location is Columbia, South Carolina. WOW regrets the error.

January 2016

The article, Conquering the Seventh Continent, on page 18 of the January 2016 WOW used an incorrect name for the inflatable boats taken from ship to shore in Antarctica. Their correct name is Zodiacs.
Also the participation table for the Thanksgiving Food Drive on page 77 of January’s edition incorrectly listed Greensprings village as having 114 homes with a participation rate of 20.2 percent. Greensprings, however, has only 60 homes, meaning its correct participation rate for the Thanksgiving Food Drive was 38.3 percent. WOW thanks Greensprings for the great showing!
WOW regrets the errors.

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