About World of Westchase
This newsmagazine has been recognized by adopted resolutions at the May 1997 Westchase Community Association Board of Directors meeting as the "Official Publication" of the Westchase community. The Westchase community as a whole will profit from this newsletter as any revenues over expenses will be distributed to deserving community projects.

World of Westchase, Inc. is a not for profit corporation. It is published by and for the residents of Westchase, and subject to editorial policy and guidelines set by its board of directors. The views and opinions are those of the authors. The opinions expressed, unless otherwise noted, should not be construed to be those of the Westchase Community Association or its affiliates.

Content cannot be reproduced without written consent from World of Westchase, Inc.

World of Westchase, Inc. Mission Statement
World of Westchase Newsmagazine (WOW) is an important community asset, which ultimately belongs to every Westchase homeowner. WOW serves the residents as the premier provider of Westchase news and information by publishing monthly and delivering to each resident at no cost. WOW serves as a community forum for reader input, opinions and feedback. WOW, Inc. serves the community by providing – among other things – legal notice to the residents, offering free classified ads to Westchase residents and by returning any revenues after expenses and reserves to support worthwhile community projects. WOW, Inc. will continue to seek ways to serve the community and its advertisers in fair, friendly and open ways in the most effective manner possible.

WOW, Inc. Board of Directors
Note: The board members below make policy only for World of Westchase. They are not members of the Westchase Community Association board.

Mary Griffin, President
(813) 926-3119

Jon Stein, President
(813) 818-4547

Steve Splaine, Treasurer
(407) 782-2737

Sarah Crisafulli, Secretary
(808) 341-1238

Joaquin Arrillaga




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