CDD and WCA Budgets Approved

Westchase CDD

In July, the Westchase CDD issued a letter informing residents that two public hearings would be held on Aug. 8. The letter also included a table outlining a Comparison of Assessment Rates for FY 2024 vs. FY 2023, based on the proposed budget. The first public hearing on Aug. 8 was to receive public comments and objections to the proposed Fiscal Year 2023/2024 Budget. No one in attendance had any questions or concerns, and the proposed budget passed unanimously. The second public hearing related to the operations and maintenance assessments. Under the approved budget, all Westchase homeowners will see an 11.53% increase in their operations and maintenance assessments, which cover maintenance of our parks, ponds, common areas and major rights of way. The Westchase CDD assessment for homes in non-gated neighborhoods (except West Park Village) will be $539.65, a $55.80 increase over 2023. At a previous meeting, District Manager Andrew Mendenhall explained this increase is primarily due to the increase in the landscaping contract and inflation in general.

In addition to the operations and maintenance assessments, gated communities and West Park Village also carry special funds. West Park Village’s special funds assessments cover costs related to maintenance of alleys and their unique street signage. Gated neighborhoods’ special funds cover maintenance and reserve costs for roads, rights of way and gates. The Greens saw a special fund assessment increase of 18.06%, bringing their total assessment to $1,336.41. In a previous meeting it was explained that the increase was primarily due to rate increases in the Securitas contract for the guard house.

In Saville Rowe, the special fund assessment increased 54.67%, bringing their total assessment to $790.95. According to Mendenhall, this increase is the result of playing catch up from unfunded projects including an unexpected gate repair. They also had a new light installed, a new sign deposit and increased insurance rates.

Special fund assessments for the remaining gated communities and West Park Village remained flat, bringing their total assessments to: Harbor Links/The Estates ($866.03), The Enclave ($706.84), West Park Village ($765.63), Stonebridge ($782.93) and The Vineyards ($751.71).

CDD assessments appear on the Hillsborough County Tax Bill. A full copy of the budget and comparison of assessments year over year can be found at


Westchase Community Association

During the WCA Budget Workshop, also held on Aug. 8, Treasurer Dale Sells explained that projected expenses have increased by about 14.5% overall, with increases in legal fees, staff at the swim and tennis facilities, and utilities accounting for the majority of that. He added that the association has excess funds and is very financially stable. Association Manager Debbie Sainz then went through the budget line by line. With the proposed budget Sainz initially presented, the annual resident assessment would be $379 (a $58 increase over 2023). Castleford VM Mary Banks then suggested an increase in the capital contribution fee, which is the amount a new homeowner pays when they purchase a home in Westchase. At present, this fee is equal to the current annual HOA assessment rate ($321 in 2023). Banks went on to explain that capital contribution fees in comparable neighborhoods ranged from $2,000-$3,000. Other concerns raised by VMs included a question on the calculation of payroll taxes and the large chunk of assets that was recently invested and how that change impacted the overall budget.

The questions raised at the Aug. 8 VM meeting carried over to the Aug. 10 board meeting.

At the beginning of the board meeting, Sells noted that Sainz had factored into the proposed budget the issues raised regarding payroll taxes and funds invested, which brought the overall proposed assessment down from $379 to $374.

The Board then discussed Banks’ proposal to increase capital contribution fees (which does not affect current residents), landing on an increase to $750 per year based on 11 closings per month. This brought the annual assessments down to $365. The board then made one final tweak to USTA non-resident fees, bringing the annual assessment down to $364, an increase of $43 over 2023.

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